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Conventional floor finish contains a toxic chemical known as polystyrene, which was traditionally used to adhere floor finish to the floor. The primary concern about polystyrene is that it contains styrene, a carcinogen that has acute and long term chronic health effects. This conventional method requires constant reapplication at least every three years, which results in over-stripping and consequently reducing the durability of the floor finish.

Green Cleaning Levels

This level is obtained by purchasing third party Green Certified products from a distributor; thus, institutions are perceived by most people as making a concerted effort to use green cleaning practices.

This level is based on reducing the amount of VOCs present. Indoor air quality attributed to gases from high VOC substances has been one of the largest contributing factors to what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls “sick building syndrome.” Many man-made VOCs from floors, wood coatings, and chemical strippers are carcinogenic and may have respiratory, allergic and immune impacts on infants and children. The Ultra Floor Program utilizes non-styrene, water-based acrylic floor finish that contains only 4mg/L of VOCs.

Oftentimes custodial teams are instructed to strip dirty and worn floor finishes, they will flood-apply floor strippers to all hard floors surfaces to chemically remove the finishes. As the floor finishes emulsify, a sludge-like compound is produced, containing many chemical components that are not biodegradable, including VOCs, styrene, urethanes, caustics, heavy metals and numerous other hazardous materials. These compounds are the ‘source pollution.’ The Ultra Floor Program eliminates the stripping cycle, man-hours can be reduced by 50% and chemical costs can be reduced by 60%.

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