KBS 4 Quart Special - Convenience Gallon

Buy four quarts of RustSeal to maximize your savings and avoid waste. Best buy for multiple larger size projects. Each RustSeal quart provides 2 coats of coverage for an approx. 50 sq. ft. area. Mix or match colors.

KBS 4 Quart Special - Convenience Gallon

  • Convenience Gallon Features

    • High surface tolerance for many different types of applications
    • Apply directly over treated rust
    • Single component formula
    • High solids content
    • Widest array of (10) non-porous color formulas
    • Combines with atmospheric moisture to cure
    • Excellent surface penetration and adhesion
    • Forms permanent non-porous barrier against moisture and oxygen
    • Waterproof coating strengthened by repeated exposure to moisture
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • High abrasion and chemical resistance
    • Repels fuels, oils, most acids & alkalis, and graffiti
    • Will not crack, flake or peel
    • Withstands temps up to 600°F (316°C)
    • Brush, roll or spray application
    • Superior flow and leveling
    • Flexible coating allowing expansion and contraction
    • Compatible with all paint systems
    • VOC compliant
    • Lead-Free

    Note: RustSeal is not intended for use as a final finish. Repeated or prolonged exposure to direct UV light will cause cosmetic alteration to its color and sheen. RustSeal’s guaranteed rust protective properties, however, will not degrade. In areas not exposed to direct UV light, like the underside of a car, RustSeal will seal as well as serve as a great looking final finish. To protect against unwanted cosmetic changes, topcoat RustSeal with any opaque (solid color) paint system. Please note that a clear topcoat cannot provide the needed UV protection. Choose the closest color associated RustSeal primer to compliment your topcoat and protect against potential visible surface chips.

    highly surface tolerant and capable of adhering to almost any prepared substrate.

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